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We only use the highest quality raw materials, sourced in the U.S.A., and are completely in control of the developing, creating and producing of our products from start to finish.


Featuring built-in antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and reduce odor.

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Why Smart Turf?


Microban® has built-in antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification technologies that keep products cleaner and fresher.

15 Year Warranty

Smart Turf has a 15 year warranty, reassuring the best quality artificial turf.

Made in the USA

Smart Turf is a wholesale manufacturer of synthetic turf that is made in the U.S.A. with the finest raw materials available.

About Us

Who Is Smart Turf

Smart Turf is a division of Catalina Home. Catalina was founded in 1975 and is still owned and operated by the original founders. With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience we are serious about the design and the quality of the products we make.

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Where Is Smart Turf Manufactured?

While much of the turf offered today is made in China, we are proud to say all Smart Turf products are manufactured in our company owned factory in Chatsworth, Georgia. We only use the highest quality raw materials and we are completely in control of developing and producing our products from start to finish. If you want to guarantee you are buying a quality product, look for products that say "Made in the U.S.A." on them and are sold by reputable companies with strong ties to the industry.

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Warehouse & Service Locations

Smart Turf services the east and west through our distribution centers in Georgia and California. All products are in stock and ready to ship immediately. In addition to our logistics and inventory, we have a highly trained customer service staff that is only a phone call away.

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Commitment To The Environment

At Smart Turf, we strongly believe that it is important to do our part to protect our environment. As a member of the US Green Council we have made a commitment to continue pursuing sustainable options in our manufacturing techniques and only use raw materials that will reduce or eliminate any negative impact on our planet.

USA vs Imports

If a product doesn’t say “made in the USA” on it, it is most likely made in China. Why does this matter? It has been proven that turf products made in China underperform and don’t last as long as products made in the USA. This is the very reason that companies selling these products don’t label the product “made in China" and will try and hide this fact from buyers. In sample form, turf made anywhere will looks acceptable. It isn't until the product has been exposed to thousands of hours of direct sun that you will know the quality of the product. A low priced imported turf will cost a consumer their entire investment if it fails to perform.

Don’t take the chance and find out what you already know. Inexpensive imported turf is not the same as high quality USA made product.

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